A new parish council for Hersden

Hersden is growing and in a recent public consultation held by Canterbury City Council there was a strong feeling from the community that it needs its own voice.

That is why the city council has decided to establish a parish council for the area which will begin its life in April next year and operate from the Hersden Neighbourhood Centre.

All parish councils are consulted about planning applications made to Canterbury City Council from their area.

They can also influence the city council’s approach to issues like flytipping, parking and waste collection and are part of its meeting dedicated to rural issues, the Rural Forum.

Kent County Council also listens closely to parish councils around issues like speed limits, traffic calming and potholes as well as the other services it provides.

From the start Hersden will be responsible for:

  • Maintenance of the play area and the BMX track
  • A small number of grass verges
  • Litter picking the park and BMX track
  • Some street furniture like seating

But once it is up and running, it could decide to provide a whole range of services that benefit the community.

Examples of the sorts of services parish councils sometimes choose to provide include:

  • Allotments
  • Bus shelters
  • Public clocks
  • Street lighting
  • Litter bins
  • Recreation grounds, playing fields and village greens
  • War memorials

Public event

To find out more about plans for a new Hersden parish council or if you are interested in becoming a parish councillor, come along to our information event on Tuesday 4 December at 6.30pm at Hersden Neighbourhood Centre, The Avenue, Hersden, CT3 4HL.

Our experts will be on hand to answer your questions, explain the process and tell you about life as a parish councillor.

What area will the new parish council cover?

The new parish council will cover the area outlined with a red dotted line

The new parish council will cover the original village of Hersden, Chislet Gardens and the areas of Chislet and Westbere highlighted in the map below.

It will also include the homes proposed for Hoplands Farm, Hersden Colliery and, eventually, north Hersden.

The practicalities

The work parish councils undertake is paid for by council taxpayers through what is known as the precept – a sum of money that you pay with your council tax.

Canterbury City Council also makes a financial contribution towards some services in areas served by a parish council.

Those living in the area to be covered by Hersden Parish Council already pay a precept to either Chislet, Sturry or Westbere parish councils.

We realise most people will want to know what the new precept will be.

Unfortunately, we’re still working on this as it is a complicated exercise. We’ll let you know a figure as soon as we can.

The new parish council will start with a share of the assets and savings in the banks of the relevant parish councils that reflect the contributions of council
taxpayers in the Hersden Parish Council area over the years.

We need parish councillors

We need local people to volunteer to become parish councillors.

To begin with there will be nine parish councillors whose job it is to listen to and represent your views, decide the parish council’s priorities, make decisions and use their knowledge of the area to influence the decisions made by others.

If 10 or more people are nominated to become parish councillors, an election will be held at the same time as the Canterbury City Council elections in May.

If less than 10 people are nominated they will automatically become parish councillors.

Parish councils generally meet one evening every month.

For more information, email democracy@canterbury.gov.uk