Changes to garden waste collections – update


On Monday of this week, we announced that garden waste collections would be suspended between Christmas Day and March.

This is initially to allow Serco’s crews to focus on tackling the increase in recycling and residual waste generated over the Christmas period. Then, from mid-January onwards, it will provide greater resilience across the service in general, especially if we have bad weather.

Regrettably, we were a few days late communicating this, and some people who were due a garden waste collection next week (w/c 24 December) had already begun filling their green bins again. Due to the suspension, they would not have had them emptied until March.

After receiving a number of queries about this, we have reviewed the situation. Those households who would have had a collection next week will instead have it week commencing 21 January, on their usual green bin day.

If you have had your green bin emptied this week, it is highly unlikely that refilling will have started already, so the service suspension still applies and your next collection will be in March.

You can find your bin collection dates, including all the Christmas and new year changes and the date of your Christmas tree collection, at