Changes to polling stations for a small number of voters


Residents in a small number of areas throughout the district will need to go to a different polling station to the one they are used to cast their vote in May’s city council and parish council elections.

Established polling stations become unavailable for all sorts of reasons and the city council’s Electoral Services team leaps into action to find a suitable alternative.

Those who are unable to get to the replacement venue can apply for a postal vote.

The changes this time around include:

  • Age UK in Vulcan Close, Whitstable, will be replaced by The Seasalter Christian Centre in Faversham Road, Seasalter
  • Windsor House in Belmont Road, Whitstable, will be replaced by Whitstable Town FC which is also  in Belmont Road
  • The church hall at The Broomfield United Reformed Church will be replaced by the church itself
  • Some people in Chislet and Sturry now being asked to vote at Hersden Community Centre, The Avenue, Hersden, because of the creation of Hersden Parish Council

Returning officer and Canterbury City Council Chief Executive Colin Carmichael said: “The Electoral Services team does its utmost not to tweak voting arrangements but on very rare occasions a tweak is necessary.

“If voters have concerns about getting to the polling station, they can apply for a postal vote.

“When people have voted, we would be very interested in hearing their feedback about the polling station they visited. Email

“We would also be interested in suggestions for alternative venues.”

Residents affected by the boundary changes brought about because of the city council’s recent Community Governance Review of parish council boundaries will be written to explain where they should vote.

To register to vote, visit

To apply for a postal vote, you can download a form by entering postal vote into a search engine and clicking on the link to the website or by visiting and searching for postal vote.

You can call 01227 862007 and a form will be sent to you.

The deadline for receiving applications for a postal vote is 5pm on Monday 15 April.

To apply for a proxy vote, where someone votes on your behalf, download a form from or visit and search for proxy.

You can call 01227 862007 and a form will be sent to you.

The deadline for receiving applications for a proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday 24 April.