Club Burrito loses its licence


Club Burrito in Canterbury has had its licence revoked by the city council’s Licensing Sub-Committee following a review requested by Kent Police.

At the committee meeting yesterday (Tuesday 6 February), councillors heard the owner of the premises in Butchery Lane, Luciano Serrano, had failed to promote the objectives of the Licensing Act, in particular the protection of children from harm.

The revocation means he cannot operate any activities covered by the Act, such as the sale of alcohol or late night refreshments.

The committee heard evidence from three Security Industry Association-registered door supervisors who worked at the premises that Mr Serrano had told them not to check the age of customers or refuse entry to people who were already drunk.

In his written evidence, one door supervisor said: “I was approached by Luciano (owner) and got told to not ID anyone…and to let everyone in despite their drunken state or looking underage etc as he needed to desperately make sales and earn more money.”

The decision does not mean the premises has to close. It can still operate as a restaurant and sell soft drinks. Mr Serrano has 21 days to appeal the committee’s decision during which time he can continue to operate as normal.

The Licensing Sub-Committee meeting was chaired by Cllr Ashley Clark. He said: “This council places a high degree of trust in those that are given licences for the sale of alcohol and those who do that responsibly will have our full support. We regard the upholding of the licensing objectives as absolutely paramount in our role as a licensing authority.

“Those who take a cavalier attitude to their responsibilities under the law can expect that we will deal with them in a robust manner. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the doormen who had the moral courage to come forward and to give their time. They acted in a manner that is most commendable.”