Community litter pickers inspire pledges scheme


Inspired by the growing army of community litter pickers who definitely love where they live, Canterbury City Council is asking residents and people who work in the district to do their bit too.

By pledging your love as part of our Love Where We Live campaign, you will join the thousands of people who DO put their litter in the bin or take it home and DO clean up after their dogs.

For helping to make a difference, people will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win family days out and whole host of other treats. Almost 70 people have signed up so far.

Pledges include people promising to:

  • Take my litter home
  • Report any full bins I see
  • Clean up after my dog
  • Keep my road clear of litter
  • Use a licensed company to get rid of my bulky waste
  • Report flytipping

Cllr Neil Baker, Chairman of Canterbury City Council’s Community Committee, said: “We are incredibly lucky to have so many volunteers locally who give up their time to don safety goggles and gloves to remove graffiti or pick up the litter left behind by others too lazy to find a bin.

“We can all do our bit, no matter how big or small, because it will make a huge difference and our Love Where We Live pledges recognise the fact the overwhelming majority of people do the right thing.

“For those who don’t, the chances of being caught are increasing because of the action we are taking along with the fines.

For its part, the council has:

  • Launched our Love Where We Live campaign – a publicity and marketing campaign designed to change the behaviour of those who do not respect the district
  • Successfully prosecuted smokers who refused to pay their fixed penalty notices after being spotted discarding their cigarette butts
  • Issued more than 600 fixed penalty notices for littering, graffiti and flyposting
  • Released footage of suspected graffiti vandals in the hope of tracking them down
  • Dedicated an officer with a van to investigating incidents of flytipping and clearing them up at the same time
  • Held events to persuade dog walkers to pick up after their pets
  • Worked with schoolchildren to raise awareness of the perils of littering and harness their pester power
  • Crushed a lorry involved in large-scale flytipping
  • Encouraged people to take their litter home when the bins are full at the beach and placed five 1,100 litre bins along the Whitstable coast

The council also recently agreed to increase the fine for littering or not clearing up after your dog to £150 with a discount for early payment.

And it created a new fixed penalty notice offence making the registered keeper of a vehicle responsible for any litter thrown from it.

To join scores of people around the district doing their bit to keep the district dazzling, visit

The pledges scheme forms part of the council’s Love Where We Live campaign which was launched in February to persuade people not to drop litter, to clean up after their dog, not to daub graffiti and not to flytip.


So far we have chosen three winners.

Samie Wood from Canterbury won a family day out at Wildwood after pledging to:

  • Take litter home
  • Report someone if seen dropping litter
  • Report any full litter bins
  • Keep my house, garden and road clean and free of litter and dog poo
  • Report someone if I see them not cleaning up after their dog
  • Use a licensed company to get rid of my bulky rubbish
  • Report someone if seen flytipping rubbish
  • Encourage friends and family to do what they can to Love Where We Live

Nicola Bryant from Chilham won a cream tea at the Beaney for herself and her husband. She pledged to:

  • Take litter home
  • Keep her house, garden and road clean and free of litter and dog poo
  • Carry enough dog poo bags to clean up after her dog
  • Clean up after her dog
  • Report someone if she sees them not cleaning up after their dog
  • Encourage friends and family to do what they can to Love Where We Live

Andy Upton from Canterbury won a family ticket to Canterbury Cathedral. He pledged to:

  • Organise a litter pick where he lives
  • Join a litter pick near where he lives