Annual Parking Review 2022 - Canterbury

Annual Parking Review 2022 - Canterbury

As part of our Annual Parking Review, we're proposing the below changes to parking restrictions in Canterbury. 

You can share your views on the proposals by completing our survey before midday on Monday 7 February. Any objections will be reported to councillors at the Joint Transportation Board on 1 March.

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Location Proposal
General Canterbury  Increase on-street permit prices by 3%, because permit prices have not increased since 2019.
Warwick Road  Double yellow lines at the junctions with Littlebourne Road, Avon Close and Somerset Road
Albert Road Double yellow lines outside Nos 13-15 and 21-27 to allow cars to turn round and to prevent damage to
parked cars
Old Dover Road 

Time limit in parking bays south of Nackington Road to control long term parking

Oaten Hill Place  Shorten a parking bay outside No 12 and replace with double yellow lines to prevent obstruction of a private access 
Castle Row  Remove a parking bay near the access to AgeUK to allow large vehicles to manouvre
Castle Street  Create additional residents' parking bays near No 64 (Pinocchios Restaurant) and between Castle Row
and St Mary's Street
Blackfriars Street  Extend an existing residents' parking bay near the junction with King Street
Hollow Lane  Extend double yellow lines outside Nos 32 - 38 and create parking bays to control parking
Thanington Road  Remove yellow lines in the layby to allow parking
Knight Avenue, Merchants Way, Wife of Bath Hill and Shipman Avenue Yellow lines and pavement and verge parking ban on the green at the top of Knight Avenue to control
parking on the grass
Whitehall Close Move Whitehall Close into St Dunstan's residents' parking zone with 2 hour pay & display / residents'
parking bays to reduce parking by non-residents
Queens Avenue Impose 4 hour time limit in free parking bays to control long term parking
Queens Avenue  Change single yellow line to double yellow line outside No 36 to control parking
St Dunstan's Street & North
Make timings of loading ban compatible with other restrictions to avoid confusion
St Peter's Place  Pavement Parking Ban on the wide pavement at the junction with St Peter's Street to prevent obstruction
and hazards for pedestrians
Tower Way  Create a new residents' parking bay near the junction with St Peter's Grove
Roper Road Extend a residents' parking bay opposite Roper Close to replace bays recently changed to 20 minute
St Thomas Hill Extend double yellow lines and create a parking bay outside No 22 to act as a slowing measure
Godden Road  Extend double yellow lines near the junction with Tenterden Drive to reduce congestion
Jesuit Close  Double yellow lines along one side of Jesuit Close to avoid obstruction of refuse vehicles
Broad Oak Road  Extend double yellow lines between St Stephen's Road and Farleigh Road to reduce congestion
Sturry Road  Remove parking bay outside No 73 to allow for a dropped kerb