Annual Parking Review 2022 - Whitstable

Annual Parking Review 2022 - Whitstable

As part of our Annual Parking Review, we're proposing the below changes to parking restrictions in Whitstable. 

You can share your views on the proposals by completing our survey before midday on Monday 7 February. Any objections will be reported to councillors at the Joint Transportation Board on 1 March.

View the deposit document.

Location Proposal
General Whitstable  Increase on-street permit prices by 3%, because permit prices have not increased since 2019.
Molehill Road & Little
Paddocks, Chestfield
Double yellow lines at the junction to protect visibility
Plantation Road, Share &
Coulter Road, Polo Way,
Double yellow lines adjacent to footpath CW69 to improve visibility at crossing points
Swalecliffe Court Drive,

Double yellow lines on one side to prevent parking on both sides

Queens Road, Tankerton Double yellow lines opposite the junction with St Anne's Road
Princess Road, Tankerton Extend double yellow lines to protect a private drive
Bridgefield Road Double yellow lines outside No 37 to prevent obstruction of a private drive
Marine Parade, Tankerton  Two disabled bays to enable blue badge holders to park and enjoy the view
Kemp Road, Swalecliffe Road
& Southwood Road

Double and single yellow lines to help to control school - related parking
Teynham Road Double yellow lines outside Nos 5 - 7 to protect vehicular access to a new development; extended yellow
lines at the Castle Road junction to reduce congestion
Tankerton Road  Change single yellow line to double yellow line outside 62-74 to ease traffic flow
Warwick Road  Remove yellow lines outside Nos 2 to 8 to allow more space for parking

Castle Road & Gloucester

Double yellow lines at the junction because cars parked close to the junction block visibility
Church Street  Yellow lines opposite No 54 to avoid parking across a private access
Old Bridge Road  Provide additional parking bays on northern side opposite the Crab and Winkle embankment to replace
parking removed to accommodate cycle lanes
Seymour Avenue  Shorten yellow line opposite Nos 33-39 to allow more space for parking by residents
Belmont Road & Old Millfield
Shorten double yellow lines at the junction to reduce the loss of parking space
Grimshill Road  Disabled Parking Bay outside Godfrey House
Harbour Street 20 minute limit in coach bay to control long term parking
Neptune Gap Remove a parking bay to enable easier access to and from The Vines
Bellevue Road  Extend double yellow lines between the school and Farm House Close and make the existing yellow
lines enforceable
Stream Walk and Sydenham
Double yellow lines on the west side of Stream Walk and at the Sydenham Street junction to prevent
parked cars from obstructing the flow of traffic
High Street Change disabled bay outside No 79 to loading bay. There are disabled spaces available in Gladstone
Road car park and this allows more space for loading and unloading.
High Street Make taxi rank outside Nos 4-10 daytime loading bay and overnight taxi rank
Millstream Close  Change single yellow line restriction to 9-10am, Monday to Friday to allow parking during the day while
controlling commuter parking
Old Bridge Road & Millfield
Extend double yellow lines opposite the junction
Canterbury Road Make single yellow line restrictions apply on Sundays to reduce congestion
Saddleton Road  Double yellow lines between Grimshill Road and Salisbury Road because parked cars cause large
vehicles to mount the kerbs
Joy Lane  Extend double yellow lines on the northern side near the junction with Canterbury Road to reduce
conflicts between road users, particularly larger vehicles.
Kimberley Grove  Pavement Parking Ban to avoid obstruction of pavements
Meteor Avenue  Extend yellow lines by 6 metres near the junction with Joy Lane to reduce congestion
Joy Lane & Medina Avenue Double yellow lines at the junction to reduce congestion
Fletcher Road and Chaucer Avenue  Propose double yellow lines