Annual Parking Review - Canterbury

As part of our Annual Parking Review, we're proposing the below changes to parking restrictions in Canterbury. 

You can share your views on the proposals by completing our survey before Friday 21 February. Any objections will be reported to councillors at the Joint Transportation Board on 24 March.

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Location Proposal
Beverley Road Extend the hours of the four hour parking restriction to seven days a week, due to excessive parking by non-residents. 
Cossington Road  Remove the existing 20 minute parking bay and create two new 20 minute parking bays outside 1a-1b Cossington Road, to replace two parking spaces removed to allow access to off street parking.
Kirby's Lane  This proposal has been removed due to an administrative error. 
Lime Kiln Road

Extend the existing double yellow lines to the side of 31a Oxford Road as parked cars obstruct access to the property.

London Road and Somner Close  Remove the existing parking bay outside 30 London Road and create two new parking bays, one outside 37 London Road and one in Somner Close, to the side of 39 London Road.  This is proposed as it would remove parking from the narrower part of London Road and replace it in more appropriate locations.
Love Lane Replace the existing single yellow lines with double yellow lines as the road is too narrow for any parking.
Martyrs Field Road  Introduce double yellow lines on the bend to create a passing place.
Nackington Road Change the existing single yellow lines to double yellow lines between Old Dover Road and The Gap as cars parked for events obstruct the flow of traffic.
Northgate, Borough and St John's Place  Proposed to introduce a loading ban due to parked vehicles obstructing access.
Nunnery Fields  Remove the 20 minute/residents’ parking bay outside the launderette at 3-4 Nunnery Fields to allow the installation of an advisory cycle lane. Parking while loading or unloading will still be allowed.
Oaten Hill Create new two hour parking bays outside 35 Oaten Hill to provide extra parking space.
Orchard Street  Introduce a pavement parking ban due to vehicles causing damage to the pavement.
Roper Road  Change four existing two hour pay and display/residents’ parking bays near St Dunstan’s Street to 20 minute bays. This is proposed because there are currently two types of bay next to each other which could be confusing, and the nearest pay and display machine is a long way away.
St John's Place  Change the existing single yellow lines to double yellow lines due to parked vehicles obstructing access.
St Lawrence Road  Remove the existing parking bay nearest to the junction with New Dover Road and create a new bay outside The Coach House, as parked cars exacerbate congestion at the junction.
Station Road West  Create a loading bay outside the new car park and adjust the location of the two disabled parking bays. This is to provide a more suitable place for deliveries that currently take place in St Dunstan’s Street.
Stonebridge Road and Ambleside Place  Create new four hour parking bays in the adopted laybys to create parking bays that are available to visitors.
Temple Road  Remove one parking bay, as parked cars obstruct visibility when leaving driveways.
The Hoystings Close Change the existing single yellow lines to double yellow lines to make the restrictions consistent and avoid confusion.
The Paddock  Reinstate the single yellow lines which were previously removed due to parked cars blocking the road.
Warwick Road  Introduce a pavement parking ban due to complaints about vehicles parked on the pavement.
Wincheap  Remove the parking bays between Ada Road and Woodville Close and replace them with double yellow lines, as parked cars lead to traffic congestion.