Council prepares for bad weather


The city council has closed 45 floodgates along the coastline as a precautionary measure, following forecasts of a strong northerly wind to coincide with high tides on Friday and Saturday.

The council has a total of 57 floodgates along the coast – more than any other coastal local authority in the country – and the other 12 will remain open unless the forecast worsens to an extent their closure is warranted.

Although the flooding risk is currently low, council officers will also be visiting properties in Faversham Road, Seasalter, which is the most at risk area in the district, to ensure residents are prepared should problems occur.

Officers will be monitoring forecasts over the next 24 to 48 hours and working closely with organisations such as the Environment Agency.

In addition, the council has staff on standby to open its emergency centre and rest centres should they be required.

Engineering Manager Liam Wooltorton said: “The risk of flooding is low but we’re taking the approach that it is best to be prepared. The highest tides are forecast for Friday afternoon and very early Saturday morning and we are keeping a very close eye on the forecast ahead of these.

“There is plenty of information available for the public via our website and the Environment Agency’s website, including their flood alerts system. Should any major problems arise, people should also monitor local news outlets.”

Information and links to other organisations can be found on the council’s severe weather webpage. There will also be updates if required on the council’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

The council will only issue further updates if the situation changes.