Dog poo bags in key locations


The city council has put out 10,000 free dog poo bags in key locations in the district to try and reduce fouling.

The ‘glove poopets’ provide a back-up option for people should they run out of their own bags while out and about.

People should always go prepared when they take their pooch for a wander, so the council is asking owners to only take one if they really need to, thus ensuring stocks remain in place for as long as possible.

The bags can be found at:

  • Westgate Parks, Canterbury
  • Toddlers Cove, Canterbury
  • Dane John Gardens, Canterbury
  • Tower House, Canterbury
  • Military Road reception, Canterbury
  • HatHats, Reculver
  • Mackari’s (promenade), Herne Bay
  • King’s Hall, Herne Bay
  • Hampton Inn, Herne Bay
  • Lifeguards, Herne Bay and Tankerton
  • Seaview Cafe, Tankerton Priest and Sow
  • Harbour Office, Whitstable
  • The Beach Cafe, Beach Walk, Whitstable
  • Windy corner stores and cafe, Whitstable (by West beach tennis)
  • The Bubble Cafe, Beach Walk, Whitstable
  • Horsebridge, Whitstable
  • Barham Village Store
  • Chartham Village Store
  • Herne Village Post Office
  • Herne Parish Council
  • Broad Oak Farm Shop
  • Four Villages Stores, Littlebourne