Draft Private Sector Housing Policy

Consultation on our draft Private Sector Housing Policy has now closed. You can view the results here. 

The results of the consultation will be reported to councillors in March and April.

The draft policy is an overarching framework relating to regulatory and other functions of the council’s Private Sector Housing team.  It sets out the way in which the council intends to achieve effective compliance with legislation, including how we will:

  • Meet our obligations to improve standards of housing in the private rented sector
  • Licence Houses in Multiple Occupation and mobile homes sites
  • Work towards reducing the number of empty residential properties in the district
  • Administer the Disabled Facilities Grant scheme and deliver other housing assistance

It aims to ensure that:

  • There is good quality, healthy housing for households renting in the private sector and to prioritise action to those homes which present the greatest risks to health and safety
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation are safe, well managed and all relevant management regulations are adhered to
  • Mobile homes sites are safe and well managed
  • Private housing is not left empty for unreasonable amounts of time or becomes an eyesore and nuisance to neighbouring homes
  • Enforcement action taken in transparent, consistent, fair, proportionate and appropriately targeted
  • Support is given to those with a need for medical adaptations who are vulnerable and on low incomes, so that they are able to remain in their homes for longer and live both successfully and independently