Residents’ parking in Gosfield Road (April 2018)

Our Residents’ parking in Gosfield Road consultation has now closed.

We are considering extending the Herne Bay residents’ parking scheme to include all or part of Gosfield Road.

If the scheme is implemented, the road would be marked out with parking bays. In places where parked cars would compromise road safety or obstruct access, double yellow lines would be marked out.

Each household in the road would be offered the chance to buy one resident’s’ on-street parking permit for an annual cost of £55. It may be possible to issue more permits, subject to availability, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

Permit holders would be able to park in the new parking bays for as long as they like, providing they can find a space, but drivers without permits would only be allowed to park in the bays for an hour between 8.30am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Outside these times anyone can park in the parking bays without a time limit.

If you buy a permit you will be able to park in any of the residents’ parking bays in Gosfield Road, and anywhere in the Herne Bay zone, without a time limit. Anybody with a permit for the Herne Bay zone would also be able to park in Gosfield Road for as long as they wish to.

If you were expecting visitors who would need to park for longer than one hour you would have the option of buying visitors’ permits for £1.80 each. These permits allow the holder to park all day and up to 10.30am on the following day. Otherwise, your visitors would have to park in a street where there is no residents’ parking, or in one of the car parks.

Because of the costs and other implications of residents’ parking, we would only go ahead if we know that more than 75% of households want the scheme in this road. If they do then we would start the legal processes involved in setting the scheme up. If the required proportion of residents are not in favour then we would not reconsider residents’ parking in this area for at least another three years.

Please help us by completing our online questionnaire by Friday 11 May so that we can decide whether to go ahead with the scheme.