Love Where We Walk


You hate the mess left behind by those who don’t clean up after their dogs and so do we.

And while we salute the nine out of 10 owners who pick up the mess left by their precious pet, we condemn those who leave it behind.

After all how hard is it to carry a dog poo bag, to pick it up and to put it in a dog waste bin, a litter bin or their bin at home?

In fact, if our enforcement officers catch offenders in the act they will face a £150 fine and a trip to court if they do not pay up.

They use the information supplied by the public to patrol hotspots and to get areas that have been hit to get cleaned up. You can report a persistent offender online.

Dog owners in the district are expected to be able to demonstrate they have the appropriate means – like dog poo bags, nappy sacks or a carrier bag – to clear up after their dog if approached by one of our enforcement officers.

As well as being utterly unpleasant, everyone knows dog poo can have horrible effects on humans.

What is less well known is the effect it can have on your dog. It can get seriously sick if it catches the highly-contagious Parvovirus which spreads from one dog to another from faecal matter.

So pick up after your pooch and do the right thing – everybody else is!

This is all part of our Love Where We Live campaign which is designed to persuade people not to drop their litter, let their dog foul without clearing it up, daub graffiti or flytip rubbish.

It taps into the overwhelming sense of pride of those who live and work in the district and also reminds offenders they will be fined if they are caught.