New gate to protect William Street shoppers


A new gate has been installed in William Street in Herne Bay to prevent vehicles accessing the pedestrian zone at prohibited times.

All traffic is banned from entering the zone, which covers parts of William Street and Mortimer Street, between midday and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, and from 5.30am to 6.30pm on Saturdays.

While there is a gate preventing vehicle access to Mortimer Street, there isn’t one in William Street, and motorists have continued to ignore the traffic signs and drive through the zone, putting pedestrians at risk.

The council has therefore decided to put a gate in William Street, matching the one in Mortimer Street. Both are locked and unlocked by Serco at the appropriate times.

Head of Transportation and Environment, Richard Moore, said: “Businesses in William Street have told us of their concerns about pedestrian safety in the town centre, and they’re in support of the new gate.

“In an ideal world, motorists would read the signs and do the right thing, but unfortunately, they don’t do this, and a physical barrier was the only option open to us to keep shoppers safe.”