Proposed changes to parking restrictions (August 2018)

This consultation has now closed. A decision on the proposals will be made at the Joint Transportation Board in September.


We are proposing a number of changes to parking restrictions across the district:


Nunnery Road, Norman Road, Nunnery Fields (part), Martindale Close – View the map

We have carried out a survey of residents in the above roads and the majority of residents would like to change to a more restrictive residents’ parking scheme. Under these proposals, the above roads would be transferred from the St Mildred’s zone to the St George’s zone.

Existing system: non-permit holders can park free of charge for up to 4 hours, 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Proposed system: non-permit holders can park for up to 2 hours for £1.50 per hour, restrictions apply on all days at all times.

We would also need to change the single yellow lines in these roads to double yellow lines, to ensure drivers don’t park on the single yellow lines when they don’t apply to avoid the restrictions in the parking bays.

Longmarket – View the map

We propose to prohibit parking in Longmarket as cars should not be parked within the pedestrian zone.

Marshwood Close – View the map

Some parts of Marshwood Close are being used for parking large vehicles and this can hinder access for the lorries that need to access the businesses in the area. We propose that the whole road is covered by double yellow lines.

Whitehall Bridge Road – View the map

Cars that are parked on the single yellow line in Whitehall Bridge Road obstruct access for vehicles needing to reach premises further down Whitehall Road, so we are proposing to change this to double yellow lines up to the junction at Whitehall Close.

You can view the deposit documents for Canterbury here.

Herne Bay

Fenoulhet Way – View the map

Redevelopment of the old sorting office will include a new vehicle access which would be obstructed by an existing parking bay. We propose that the bay is replaced by a new bay nearer to Victoria Park.

Swalecliffe Avenue – View the map

Parking is to be prohibited on the access road opposite the car park, leading up to the promenade, so that parked vehicles do not obstruct access for the Foreshore team.

You can view the deposit documents for Herne Bay here. 

Rural Areas

Brewery Lane and Bridgeford Way, Bridge – View the map

A short length of double yellow lines is to be installed at the junction of Brewery Lane and Bridgeford Way so that parked vehicles do not obstruct access for refuse collection and other large vehicles.

Church Hill & Faulkners Lane, Harbledown – View the map

We propose that parking is prohibited outside Kent College, including parking on the pavement and verges, in order to improve road safety and to prevent the flow of traffic being obstructed.

You can view the deposit documents for rural areas here. 

Deposit document – Chartham Hatch, Church Hill and Faulkners Lane