Proposed changes to seaside activity management

This consultation has now closed.

The results of this consultation will be reported to councillors in the autumn and if they agree to proceed with any changes, the council would then need to ask the Secretary of State to amend the byelaws.

Any changes would then take effect from April 2020.

Our coastline is used for a wide variety of activities, our aim is to ensure we get the right balance so that everyone can enjoy our beaches and water safely.

The council has two seaside byelaws – seaside pleasure boats and public bathing.  The byelaws aim to enhance safety and create a balanced approach to the management of all users of our coastal waters such as fishing boats, speed boats, jet skis and swimmers.

The byelaws identify areas with and without speed limits for craft, providing controlled locations for public bathing and seaside pleasure boats.

Byelaws are local laws used by the council.  They are enforced through the magistrates’ court and breaching them can result in a fine.  Our seaside byelaws were last updated in 1995 and we need to review them.

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