Safety advice on bogus taxis


We are aware of bogus, unlicensed taxi drivers currently operating around the district, just as we hit the time of year when the number of people getting a taxi increases considerably.

There have been several incidents recently where people have ordered taxis, only for a bogus driver to turn up. Luckily, the real taxis have arrived just in time. One case involved a long trip to a London airport.

We can reassure customers that all the drivers we licence are DBS checked.

These are the things to check for to make sure you are getting in a licensed taxi:

* The driver must have a badge/licence on their person at all times in a place it can be seen

* There must be a small plastic plate displayed in the front of the taxi, showing the number plate of the vehicle and the driver’s badge/licence

* There must be a large plate on the rear, with the council’s logo on it, and three smaller plates in the windows

We’re working closely with Kent Police on this issue. If you get into a taxi that you subsequently believe is being driven by a bogus driver, call 999.

If a taxi arrives to pick you up and you think it is unlicensed, don’t get in it. Please report it to both the police on 101 and us by email to