Spotted a seal on the beach? Here’s some advice…


Seals are not uncommon on our coast, but although we don’t often see them on the beaches, there have been some recent cases of them coming ashore.

If you come across a seal on the beach, please don’t do what one caller to our Foreshore office this week suggested: “I’ll grab it by the tail and drag it into the water”.

When a seal comes ashore, it may be injured or ill, or, as with Monday’s incident, is just resting due to prevailing sea and weather conditions.

We’re aware people are approaching them, sometimes getting too close or just generally not being sure what to do.

In short, the advice is to leave them alone – after all, they are wild animals.

If you are concerned about a seal, the people to call are British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765546. If it is in need of help, their network of medics around the country can respond to assess the situation/animal and are qualified to act accordingly.

And if you can send a photo, please do, as that will help them to assess the animal’s condition and decide what intervention, if any, is required.