Thanet Way verges clean complete


Work to clean the verges and laybys along the entire stretch of the A299 Thanet Way in the Canterbury district is now complete.

It took two weeks using a five-hour, off-peak weekday lane closure. Around four kilometres of verge were cleaned each day using a dedicated crew of nine Serco staff. Approximately a ton of rubbish was collected a day.

The work on the Thanet Way, which cost the city council £20,000, followed hot on the heels of a similar clean-up of the verges along the A2.

Cleaners at work on the Thanet Way

Chairman of the council’s Community Committee, Cllr Neil Baker, said: “These two projects together have cost taxpayers a total of £40,000, but it’s money we need not have spent if people had just taken their rubbish home with them instead of chucking it out of the window.

“There are far better things for taxpayers’ money to be spent on, but the rubbish was there and it needed cleaning, so that’s what we’ve had to do.

“The patience of members of the public who have been concerned about it has been appreciated. They have understood that you can’t just come along and close off sections of key roads at the drop of a hat. It has to properly planned and with full regard to the safety of the crews.

“We will continue to work closely with Highways England for the A2 and Kent County Council for the A299 on how litter can be kept to a minimum and how future clean-ups can take place at as little cost to the taxpayer as possible.”