Air Quality

Cleaner Air for Schools

St Peter's pupils holding up their new anti-idling banner designed by the schools


Would you like your pupils to learn more about air pollution and how to monitor air quality around your school?

As part of our work to improve air quality in the district, we’ve created a fun and informative ‘Cleaner Air for Schools’ campaign which aims to do just that. 

The project sees the council’s Air Quality Officer visit schools all over the district to deliver talks and discuss: 

  • What air pollution is

  • How it affects our health 

  • How it impacts our environment 

  • What we can do to reduce air pollution

The talk includes a short animated video (below) and a competition to design an anti-idling banner which will feature outside the school gate. The winning design will be picked by the school and printed by the council. 

In addition to the assembly, schools can also monitor air quality around the school with portable air pollution monitoring sensors and mobile phones. Pupils can use these to measure and map air pollution around their school or on their walk to school to find the cleanest route.

If you’d like to find out more about the campaign or would like to book a talk, please email us.