Proposed changes to allotment fees

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As part of our draft budget for 2023/24, we are proposing to increase most fees and charges by 10% in order to cover the costs of the service being charged for.

However, we understand the pressure of rising costs and recognise some businesses and individuals would find a 10% increase unaffordable.

We are therefore proposing an increase of just 5% to allotment fees, which is below inflation so represents a real-terms cut in prices.

The new fees would take effect from April 2023 and are shown below.

2022/23 feeProposed 2023/24 feeProposed increase
Allotments (full plot)£88.95£93.405%
Allotments (half plot)£44.65£46.885%
Allotments (one third plot)£29.70£31.195%

This consultation asked for your views on the proposals. It closed on Monday 9 January. All feedback will be taken into account when councillors meet to agree the budget in February.

Published: 11 November 2022

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