Proposed changes to scrap metal dealer licence fees

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As part of our draft budget for 2023/24, the council is proposing to increase scrap metal dealer licence fees by 10%.

The new fees would take effect from April 2023 and are shown below.

2022/23 feeProposed 2023/24 feeProposed increase
Three year collector’s licence£371.35£408.4810%
Three year site licence£577£612.7010%
Replacement of licence£21.25£23.3710%
Minor variations to licence, e.g. change of address£31.85£35.0310%
Detailed variations to licence, e.g. change of site manager£53.05£58.3510%
Conversion of collector’s licence to site licence£233.40256.7410%
Conversion of site licence to collector’s licence£84.90£93.3910%

The consultation on the proposals closed on Thursday 2 March 2023. All the feedback we receive will be reported to councillors who will set the budget for the coming year.

Published: 11 November 2022

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