Proposed changes to taxi and private hire licence fees

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As part of our draft budget for 2023/24, we are proposing to increase most fees and charges by 10% in order to cover the costs of the service being charged for.

However, we understand the pressure of rising costs and recognise some businesses and individuals would find a 10% increase unaffordable.

We are therefore proposing an increase of just 5% to most taxi and private hire licence fees, which is below inflation so represents a real-terms cut in prices.

The new fees would take effect from April 2023 and are shown below.

2022/23 feeProposed 2023/24 feeProposed increase
Taxi initial £415.16£435.925%
Private hire vehicle initial£309.25£324.715%
Taxi renewal£270.19£283.705%
Private hire vehicle renewal£262.28£275.395%
7th additional year exceptional condition further inspection fee£109.28£114.745%
Electric power taxi£143.69£150.875%
Electric power private hire£140.97£148.025%
LPG/CNG power private hire£140.97£148.025%
Taxi driver initial£267.80£281.125%
Private hire driver initial£267.80£281.195%
Licence check for new drivers£10.60£11.135%
Taxi driver renewal£86.88£91.225%
Private hire driver renewal£85.23£89.495%
Private hire operators (valid 2 years) – per vehicle£59.02£61.975%
Transfer of temporary vehicle (loan vehicles)£140.38£147.405%
Meter test (taxi)£66.85£70.195%
Taxi driver knowledge test£80.23£84.245%
Taxi driver knowledge test (resit)£80.23£84.245%
If taxi fare increase agreed by council, all meters to be tested within two months£59.07£62.025%
Taxi plates – external£40.12£42.135%
Taxi plates – internal£26.72£28.065%
Private hire corporate window plates (per pair)£33.42£35.095%
Replacing of vehicles£140.38£147.405%
Motorcycle private hire£267.33£280.705%
Dual drive badge fee£130.35£136.875%
Replacement fee for lost driver’s badge£6.70£7.3710%
Replacement fee for lost vehicle plates£13.39£14.7310%
Replacement fee for lost driver log books£13.39£14.7310%
Charge for approval of advertising£86.88£95.5710%

This consultation on these proposals closed on Thursday 2 March 2023. All the feedback we receive will be reported to councillors who will set the budget for the coming year.

Published: 11 November 2022

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