Come and speak to councillors at Cabinet meetings

Members of the public can now come along and address councillors at Cabinet meetings on any matter relating to local district issues.

It starts at the meeting on Monday 8 July, with a 20 minute session (extendable by up to 10 minutes in exceptional circumstances) at the beginning of the meeting at 7pm.

Up to now, public speaking has only been allowed if it relates to an item on the Cabinet agenda, so this change represents a relaxing of the rules around the public addressing Cabinet members.

People wishing to speak should register no later than 12.30pm on the working day before the Cabinet meeting.

This can be done by emailing or calling 01227 862009.

In order to speak, an individual must live and/or work in the Canterbury City Council administrative area. Each speaker has a maximum of three minutes.

No discussion will follow a speaker’s contribution, but Cabinet members may later refer to the issues raised if they relate to that meeting’s agenda, or they may take the issue away.

People who want to speak on a specific agenda item can still do so, following the same process for registering as above.

Cabinet meetings take place at the Guildhall in St Peter’s Place in Canterbury.

Published: 2 July 2024

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