Coronavirus – parking enforcement to focus on dangerous parking

Coronavirus - parking enforcement to focus on dangerous parking

Our many social media critics won’t believe us, but our Enforcement Officers have tried to turn a blind eye to those not following the rules when it comes to parking and to not issue tickets.

We understand that people are being shielded or are self isolating so their options are limited. And there are more and more of us at home at the same time than ever before.

This has never been about making money and that has not changed.

But we are receiving a rising tide of complaints from the public about parking that is dangerous to others and could seriously slow down the emergency services when they are on their way to save lives.

With that in mind, our Enforcement Officers have been instructed to issue tickets for parking that is dangerous or is blatantly breaking the rules.

Everyone should try and stick to the rules for everyone’s safety but we recognise this might be difficult for key workers such as NHS staff and some volunteers who are helping others.

For those people, please leave the appropriate information on your dashboard.

If you forget and receive a ticket, we will have to deal with that through the appeals process. But we will always take a common sense and compassionate approach.

Published: 9 April 2020

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