Four new trial pollinator sites set to boost biodiversity

Four new trial pollinator sites have been created as part of our work to boost biodiversity in the district.

We already manage approximately 40 hectares of open space as conservation/meadow grass, including land at Reculver Country Park and Wraik Hill, which means they are cut less often than amenity/leisure grass sites.

And now, small areas of open space at Thanington Recreation Ground and Beverley Meadow (pictured in this story) in Canterbury, Cherry Orchard in Herne and Westmeads Recreation Ground in Whitstable have also been moved onto a reduced mowing schedule.

Plot sizes for this trial scheme running this summer are between 0.15 acres and 0.48 acres as we look to see how the grassland species respond initially.

In not mowing these areas until autumn, we will obviously see longer grass, but also expect to start seeing some clovers and vetches coming in.

We are particularly interested to see whether some of these sites throw up some surprises, but do not necessarily anticipate seeing a good mix of species straight away. This could take a few years, depending on whether the trial is continued.

As we reach early autumn, we will review how well the pollinator strips have been received by both the public and wildlife and make a decision on whether to retain them next year.

Published: 13 June 2024

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