Groundwater flood alert issued for east Kent

Groundwater flood alert issued for east Kent

A groundwater flood alert has been issued for east Kent.

We are working extremely closely with the Environment Agency (EA), Kent County Council, and Southern Water to tackle any problems that might come our way.

We have been expecting the rise in groundwater and the main properties at risk are in the Nailbourne valley.

The Nailbourne continues to creep up and we will be closing Railway Hill and Out Elmstead Lane with our flood barriers this afternoon.

The EA is operating the flood relief channel at Littlebourne.

A flood alert remains in force on the Stour but we are managing the levels through Canterbury and that is going well. 

Grove Ferry and Plucks Gutter have a flood warning in force. The EA is operating the Stonar Cut sluice gate which diverts some of the water away from the area.

Tides are now entering a neap cycle, which means they are less intense, so levels at Grove Ferry and Plucks Gutter will begin to ease.

We are checking our flood barriers and sandbag walls regularly and we are clearing sluices and screens.  

Scattered showers are forecast this afternoon before a frontal system arrives tomorrow and we will keep a close eye on the situation.

Published: 2 February 2021

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