Help us catch graffiti taggers

Help us catch graffiti taggers

The city council is appealing for information about the culprits behind a large number of tags around Canterbury.

Canterbury City Council’s Head of Safer Neighbourhoods, Doug Rattray, said: “If a member of the public spots a vandal in action, please call 999 so that the police can coordinate with our CCTV control room in an effort to catch the offender.

“Alternatively, if you know who is responsible, please call 101 in confidence. This particular group of offenders have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to evade detection so we really need the public’s help.”

Information can also be shared with the council via private message on social media.

Earlier this year the council released footage of a number of road signs being tagged. The total time taken by the vandal for each incident was less than seven seconds.

Published: 15 January 2019

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