New campaign up and running – and causing a reaction!

New campaign up and running - and causing a reaction!

So…let’s talk about our new signs that have been causing some reaction locally!

These are all part of our campaign for the reopening of non-essential shops from today, which​ we’ve had lots of support for from residents and businesses.

Reopening banner in Whitstable

Gorrell Tank car park, Whitstable

​There are several different designs across the four main shopping areas in Canterbury, Herne Bay, Tankerton and Whitstable and they have been put up as a series to complement each other.

Now, if you​ were to only​ see one of them, you might wonder what on earth it’s all about​ – as some people who have messaged us have said.

Banner in Canterbury high street

Banner in Canterbury high street

​But if you look across the piece, the​n​ the message is clear – welcome back to the high street, take your time (because a) there will be queues and b) we want people to relax and enjoy their time here) and keep your distance.

​Views on campaigns like this will always differ. Some people want messaging that is more friendly, others less. People have different views on colours or use of symbols.

Street signs in Tankerton

Street signs in Tankerton

​We know that we’ll never please all the people all the time. In fact, just pleasing some of them, some of the time, is a challenge.

​But it’s got people talking, which is great, and if it gets them into our fantastic shops to spend a few quid, even better.​

Published: 15 June 2020

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