Rules refreshed to make sure everyone has a great time at the coast

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Refreshed rules to ensure everyone has a great time when visiting the district’s 14 miles of beautiful coastline will come into force on Saturday 1 April this year.

The Coastal Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) 2023 is also designed to protect the area’s wildlife, its flora and fauna and stop the antisocial behaviour which spoils a trip to the seaside for others and especially families.

Those who refuse to follow the rules when asked by a police officer or one of the council’s Enforcement Officers will be issued with a £100 fine known as a fixed penalty notice.

They could also face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000 for more serious breaches.

Deputy Director of People, Marie Royle, said: “This set of common-sense rules are designed to protect our wonderful coastline and its wildlife, a genuine jewel in the district’s crown, while ensuring everyone can enjoy themselves while keeping and feeling completely safe and respecting others around them.”

The Coastal PSPO 2023 bans:

  • the harming of wildlife (sea angling and lawful bait digging for personal use excepted)
  • catapults
  • jumping from Whitstable Harbour, Herne Bay Pier and breakwater and Hampton Pier
  • urinating or defecating in public
  • use of disposable barbecues
  • open fires except the beach between Burlington Drive eastwards to the border with Thanet
  • continuing to drink alcohol when asked to stop by a police officer or Enforcement officer
  • acting dangerously or being careless while sailing a pleasure boat, windsurfer, kite board, jet ski or other vessel 
  • riding or launching jet skis other than in compliance with relevant byelaws and the council’s registration scheme
  • recreational camping (sunshades, windbreaks, fishing shelters and baby shades excepted)
  • the throwing of stones or pebbles or anything else in a way that is likely to cause others alarm, harassment or distress
  • the removal, damage or vandalism of the land, fixtures, fittings and flora and fauna

For more detailed information on the areas covered and the PSPO’s requirements, visit

Published: 24 March 2023

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