Scheme set to make installing solar panels cheaper and easier

Scheme set to make installing solar panels cheaper and easier

A scheme launched this month means buying solar panels for your home has never been so easy and will be more cost effective than ever before.

That’s the message from Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council, as they work in partnership to launch their Solar Together Kent scheme to help people save the planet by reducing the carbon emissions coming from their home and wipe out their energy bills.

The scheme works by bringing lots of households together to buy their solar panels as one big group and asking suppliers, who have been quality checked in advance, to bid for the work in an auction with their lowest possible price.

The more people that take part, the lower the price will be.

If you already have solar panels installed, the scheme includes asking companies to bid with their lowest price for battery storage. This means you can store electricity and make your solar panels generate extra cash you can keep. 

It also means you get to use the electricity you generate during the day to power your home at night.

Council Leader Cllr Robert Thomas said: “Mapping has shown solar panels being installed in our district have the potential to provide 20% of its current energy needs.

“So I welcome this scheme which is designed to take away the hassle of installing solar panels and to drive down the price.

“If you register your interest, there is no obligation to sign up. You will see the final price and specification before you are asked to make a decision.

“All of the companies and tradesmen involved have been vetted to ensure the work they carry out and the equipment they install is of the highest possible quality – guaranteed.”

If you are interested in the scheme, you can register with no obligation at An ‘auction’ will be held on 6 October when pre-vetted installers will bid for the work.

From 26 October those registered will be sent a personal recommendation based on your details including the cost and specifications. They will then be able to decide whether to go ahead by 11 December and saying no will be absolutely fine.

If you say yes, your panels will be installed by May next year.

For information on potential costs, the amount of energy your panels could generate and lots more, visit

Published: 9 September 2020

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