Security bollards to be installed at The Marlowe

Security bollards to be installed at The Marlowe

The project is part of a £140,000 Canterbury City Council-funded scheme to improve the security of visitors to the venue.

While linked in to plans to install bollards at the entries to and exits from the pedestrianised city centre, this work does NOT mean the wider project is underway.

Canterbury City Council’s Director of Community Services, Suzi Wakeham, said: “When details emerged of our £660,000 scheme designed to stop a hostile vehicle entering the pedestrianised centre of the city, we promised to contact businesses and residents who live there.

“We will be in touch with them very soon to talk through the practical considerations around the scheme’s operation in order to strike the right balance between security and the needs of businesses and residents.

“The works being undertaken at The Marlowe, as well as for the wider scheme, are both being supervised by our highly-skilled engineers, ensuring that they complement each other as we do all we can to boost city centre security on the advice of experts in counter-terrorism policing.”

A total of 19 security bollards will be installed around the front apron of The Marlowe and the work should take around three weeks. Level access will be maintained for wheelchair users.

Published: 29 March 2019

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