Station Road West multi-storey now open

Station Road West multi-storey now open

The new multi-storey car park at Station Road West is now open.

We have put a special all day rate of £3.50 in place on all three floors (as well as Castle Street multi-storey and Holmans Meadow car parks) to help shop workers affected by the ongoing closure of park and ride.

This is a temporary arrangement while park and ride is closed and there is a presumption against use of public transport.

Station Road West has 380 spaces, with 20 spaces available now for electric vehicle charging and the capacity to provide double this when demand requires it.

Electric vehicle charge points

Electric vehicle charge points on the ground floor, with more on the top floor

The car park is operated using ANPR technology and with our parking account, you never need to use a machine. If you haven't signed up for an account yet, you can do so at

There are also new cycle racks and the living wall has been planted on the side facing the station car park. Trees in Station Road West have been retained as well. And we have a hand sanitiser machine in the car park.

This has been a divisive initiative, no doubt, but our view remains that this is an important piece of transport infrastructure for the city. Despite the opposition, there are many people who support it and welcome it.

Clearly times are very different now compared to when this project kicked off, but as Canterbury begins its recovery, the new car park will have a role to play in this process.

Published: 24 June 2020

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