Survey into shopping habits underway

Survey into shopping habits underway

The city council has begun an important piece of research into the shopping habits of local residents.

Telephone surveys are being carried out with a random selection of households. Questions cover food and non-food shopping, how and where people shop and the amount they spend.

In addition to the telephone research, which has just started, surveys will also be carried out with local businesses and face-to-face with shoppers and visitors in the city and town centres.

The information will be used to help the council shape its next Local Plan, and everyone who is approached to take part is being encouraged to get involved.

The council’s Head of Planning, Simon Thomas, said: “It’s been well documented that the retail sector is changing, so it’s important our plans and policies reflect that in order to ensure the district continues to thrive.

“Hearing first hand from our residents and businesses about how their shopping habits have altered is a vital piece of work and we hope to get some really valuable insight from these surveys.”

The council has commissioned NEMS Market Research to conduct the surveys on its behalf. The interviewers identify themselves as being from the council at the beginning of each call. Calls may take place during the day, evening or at the weekend.

Published: 10 May 2019

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