Two extra black sacks to be collected on temporary basis

Two extra black sacks to be collected on temporary basis

We realise some households are starting to struggle with excess rubbish at the moment.

There are several reasons for this – we're all at home so are generating more rubbish and delivery packaging, there's lots of extra gardening going on and the household waste recycling centres (aka 'the tips') are currently closed.

To help with this, from Monday (27 April), we will be able to take away a maximum of two extra black sacks of rubbish outside of the bin, per household. If you are on weekly sack collections, you can put out two extra ones.

If you put out more than two extra sacks, we will only take two of them. This is to make sure that we can collect everyone’s waste.

This could be general waste or garden waste, but if possible, we would ask you not to put out recyclables that can go in your blue or red containers. Electrical items are not allowed.

This 'side waste' will be allowed at each weekly collection initially until Monday 11 May, regardless of whether it is black bin or recycling week. The collection of the extra sacks will not necessarily take place at the same time of day as the regular collection.

We have put this arrangement in place at short notice. We will do everything we can to deliver on it, but as with all things planned in this way, problems may occur and some roads may be missed. We are doing our best in difficult circumstances and will clear as many extra sacks as we can.

Much will depend on the amount of extra rubbish put out and the number of trips required to dispose of it. These are simply unknown factors.

If, sadly, we do not manage to get to your sacks, please do not report them as a missed collection. Instead, take them back inside and try again the following week.

This is a temporary change to our waste collection rules due to the emergency situation we are in. We are able to do this through the support of Kent County Council, Viridor and Serco.

It will be reviewed on Monday 11 May. If the lockdown continues and the tips stay closed, we will look to extend the arrangement for longer.

Published: 24 April 2020

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