Bin strike update – 11.30am, Monday 17 July

Members of the GMB union who work for Canenco on bin collections in the district are on strike for a ninth consecutive working day today (Monday 17 July).

The depot is currently being picketed, but we are pleased to say a number of crews are working again today.

Canenco is aiming to complete the full Monday refuse (black bin) service.

Three garden waste crews are working. The crews will empty as many garden bins as possible, but if your property is not visited by the end of today, please take them back in and wait for your next collection.

There are no recycling collections today. If you have recycling bins out, please take them back in and wait for the next recycling collection.

There are no food collections today. We recommend that the contents of food bins are put into a black sack and placed in refuse (black) bins.

The situation with this strike is fluid and more industrial action may happen in the coming days. We will continue to provide updates.

Precise arrangements for future collection of side waste – ie, excess rubbish that is not inside the bin – will be confirmed in due course.

We know people have lots of questions about council tax refunds, garden waste collections, assisted collections and more. Answers to all these questions are on our newsroom.

Published: 17 July 2023

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